July 14, 2008

As you plan your conference trip, we’d like to call a few things to your attention. Since our conference kicks off with a "nightcap" reception on Thursday evening starting at 8pm (hoping that our west coast colleagues can join us) and a rousing presidential panel on Faust early Friday morning, we encourage you to plan to arrive in Pittsburgh on Thursday, November 6. Our concluding banquet is on Saturday evening with keynotes on Friday evening (Ulrich Gaier) and Saturday morning (Robert Richards). The Gloria Flaherty Prize winners will take part in workshops with panels of experts on Sunday morning.

To participate in the conference you must be a current member of the GSNA. As a reminder, our membership rates are among the lowest of all scholarly societies and include the annual Goethe Yearbook. Please include your membership fee with your registration fee (see registration form). Registration for faculty members is $100. For graduate students it is $20.

To avoid paying a late fee, please be sure we receive your registration fee by Monday, September 29.




Step 1

Register here (submit electronially, or print the PDF file and mail to the address below).
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Step 2

Either mail your check, made out to GSNA, to Professor John B. Lyon, Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures, 1409 Cathedral of Learning, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 15260, or click on the button below to pay through PayPal.