October 16, 2011
Dissertation Workshops

In order to encourage and support research in the Age of Goethe, the Goethe Society of North America (GSNA) organized a very successful dissertation workshop at our  first international conference in Pittsburgh in 2008. The participating students, who were selected on the basis of their dissertation prospectus and a letter from their adviser, were all awarded a Gloria Flaherty Prize of $250 plus a waiver of the conference fee. More importantly, they participated in panel discussions, where they were engaged in conversation by senior scholars in their field who directed comments and questions to their projects.

The GSNA is organizing a similar dissertation workshop now. Subsequently, we hope to offer workshops about every 18 months: i.e., in 2013 (ASECS); 2014 (GSNA ); 2016 (ASECS); 2017 (GSNA); and so on.

The GSNA Workshop will be held on Sunday, 6 November 2011 from 8-10:30 am at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. (Note the end of Daylight Saving Time).

Workshop Program