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Book Series

The Goethe Society sponsors a book series published by Bucknell University Press. See the announcement here.

The Society has been seeking ways, in light of the ever-narrowing publishing possibilities, to support research on Goethe/ eighteenth-century studies and finally decided to collaborate with Bucknell. On average, we will publish about 1-2 books a year in the series. The goal of this series is to publish innovative research that contextualizes the "Age of Goethe," whether within the fields of literature, history (including art history and history of science), philosophy, art, music, or politics. We encourage the submission of high-quality manuscripts and welcome all approaches and perspectives. We are especially interested in interdisciplinary projects, creative approaches to archival or original source materials, theoretically informed scholarship, work that introduces previously undiscovered materials, or projects that re-examine traditional epochal boundaries or open new channels of interpretation. Authors should send manuscript proposals and one sample chapter (electronic versions are preferred) to the editor of the book series,

Professor Jane Brown
Department of Germanics
Box 353130
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195-3130
Telephone: (206) 543-4580
Fax: (206) 685-9063

From the Book Series Editor

October 9, 2013


Our latest book, Aesthetics and Secular Millenialism by Benjamin K. Bennett, was announced in the spring newsletter. Since then we have accepted one manuscript, pending approval by the Bucknell Press board, another about to go out for review, and several projects that claim to be waiting in the wings from scholars at a variety of ranks.

We continue to encourage submissions from our members, their friends, and those who find us in other ways. We welcome all approaches and perspectives. Please contact me if you are interested in submitting a manuscript.

Jane Brown
University of Washington

Editorial Board

October 9, 2013


Prof. Martha Helfer, Rutgers University, mhelfer@rci.rutgers.edu
Prof. Simon Richter, University of Pennsylvania, srichter@sas.upenn.edu
Prof. Astrida Tantillo, University of Illinois, Chicago, tantillo@uic.edu

Advisory Board

October 9, 2013


Hans Adler, University of Wisconsin
Frederick Beiser, Syracuse University
Benjamin Bennett, University of Virginia
Nicholas Boyle, University of Cambridge
Fritz Breithaupt, Indiana University
Rüdiger Campe, Yale University
Andreas Gailus, University of Michigan
Richard Gray, University of Washington
Gail Hart, University of California, Irvine
Jonathan M. Hess, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Alexander Košenina, University of Bristol
John A. McCarthy, Vanderbilt University
Nicholas Rennie, Rutgers University
Stephan Schindler, Washington University in St. Louis
Robert Tobin, Clark University
Liliane Weissberg, University of Pennsylvania
David Wellbery, University of Chicago
Karin Wurst, Michigan State University