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Complete Listing of Panels and Symposia
sponsored by the Goethe Society of North America
1979-2007 (pdf)

If you are interested in organizing a panel sponsored by the Goethe Society at any of the annual (incl. regional) meetings of ASECS, GSA, or MLA, please contact our Executive Director, Professor Karin Schutjer, Department of Modern Languages, Literatures & Linguistics, 202 Kaufman Hall, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK 73019, (405) 325-1907, kschutjer@ou.edu.

We would like to encourage all presenters to become members of the GSNA.

Deadlines for Submission of Panel Proposals

2015 GSA, 15 November 2014
2016 MLA, 1 December 2014
2016 ASECS, 15 March 2015

2014 GSA

March 26, 2014


Special GSNA Sessions at the
Annual Convention of the German Studies Association
September 18-21, 2014, in Kansas City, Missouri

Organizer: John Lyon, Univerisity of Pittsburgh

The Poetics of Space in the Goethezeit I: Political Spaces

Moderator: Tove Holmes, McGill University
Commentator: John Lyon, University of Pittsburgh

1. Christian Weber, Florida State University:
"An Explosive Compression of Space: Kleist’s Anecdotal 'Tagesbegebenheiten' in the Berliner Abendblätter

2. Hamid Tafazoli, University of Luxembourg:
"Poetologische Funktion des Raumes in Goethes West-östlichem Divan

3. Joseph O’Neil, University of Kentucky:
"Goethe and the Spatial Trope in Political Theology”

The Poetics of Space in the Goethezeit II: Spatial Configurations in the Wilhelm Meister Novels

Moderator: Hamid Tafazoli, University of Luxembourg
Commentator: Christian Weber, Florida State University

1. Colin Benert, DePaul University/ University of Chicago:
"The Space of Memory in Wilhelm Meisters Lehrjahre

2. Jason Groves, Yale University:
"The Shock of the Earth: Geoaesthetics in the Goethezeit

3. Christina Hinz, Johns Hopkins University:
"Spatial Movements and Astronomical Formations in Wilhelm Meisters Wanderjahre oder Die Entsagenden

The Poetics of Space in the Goethezeit III: Literary Landscapes, Soundscapes, and Mindscapes

Moderator: Joseph O’Neil, University of Kentucky
Commentator: Elliott Schreiber, Vassar College

1. Tove Holmes, McGill University:
"Viewing Spaces: Literary Landscapes around 1800”

2. Alexander Sorenson, University of Chicago:
"Hearing das Unerhörte: Sense and the Space of Haunting in Gottfried August Bürger’s Lenore and Heinrich von Kleist’s Das Bettelweib von Locarno

3. Stephanie Großman and Stefan Halft, University of Passau:
"Entering the Romantic Mindscape: Changing Concepts of Space in Eichendorff’s Marmorbild and Hoffmann’s Die Bergwerke zu Falun